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7 Mar 2012


Google Chrome 17.0.963.65


SlimBrowser 6.00.080

5 Mar 2012


Facebook Comments Counter For Blogger

This is second part of our series on Facebook Comments plugin. Facebook comments are now optimized and easily indexed and crawled by search engines. Facebook comments appear in search results and can drive your traffic both from its 845 Million registered users and also from Mega Search engine Google. I have already shared a tutorial on how to count the number of Facebook comments and show it on your blog

26 Nov 2011


Blogger Custom Domain Setup Process Simplified

Its a new update by Blogger on its custom domain part. Some time ago here on MBT, you read 10+ Reasons Why you should buy a Custom Domain For Blogger. Having a custom domain have many advantages and would best suite you if you are serious about your blogging career and take it just not as a hobby but as a business.

And for that you should be knowing What is Custom Blogger Domain and Blogger Subdomain? if you are interested in getting a domain through Blogger its self. To briefly explain, you can

21 May 2011


Fixed Side Menu For Blogger

Fixed side menu for blogger blogspot or some says it as fixed slide in menu for blogger as was seen only in wordpress but now can be used in bloggers also.As you could see it in my blog i have side menu that moves together with you scroll movement up and down on my blog.I am sharing this with you because many of my readers were asking how to make it as they liked it much and wanted to add it to there blogs so if you liked side menu in my blog you can go further to install it in your blog too.

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